Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Another Big Update :)

It had been brought to my attention that my blog might need some updating.. And oh boy does it EVER, seeing as my last update was in NOVEMBER, I should probably do a huge catch up session..

My pregnancy:
The rest of the pregnancy went fairly well. Our daughter was breech for the longest time, then flipped to head down at 35 weeks then back to bum down at 37... I tried everything to flip her, from shining light lower on my belly, to putting heat low and cool compress on the top of my stomach, acupuncture, chiropractor, being on hands and knees. Nothing worked. So I had to go in for an ECV.. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this process, it's manually attempting to "flip the baby" by guiding the baby in the direction you want to go by essentially pushing it. Sounds easy right? NOPE!!   The OB managed to get baby girls butt out of my pelvic bone and got her turned almost sideways, but then her heart rate dropped. So we stopped.. At this point I was thanking everything above because this process was painful. I'd sooner go through labour than ever do this again.... But alas, they asked to try one more time.. No dice. Her heart rate dropped yet again.. They figured the cord was potentially wrapped around her neck as they saw it up near her face in the ultrasound.. At this point, csection was discussed.. With the cord being around her neck potentially, I didn't want to take any chances on giving birth naturally. I know it can be done, heck, I was a breech baby myself.. But I still couldn't risk her health period...
Before leaving for the hospital. 39 weeks

So I went home that night with the biggest lump in my throat. This was not how I planned for it to go. I was so upset but knew it was for the best.. Friday we cleaned the house as we were told to expect a call with a date and time, but that wit would likely be Monday April 7th or Tuesday the 8th... I got called and was told Monday at 430 was my day and time. So on Saturday we did our grocery shop luckily because when we got home we had a few missed called from my midwife saying I got bumped up to Sunday at 830am so I didn't have to go all day without eating. So panic set in.. I know it was only a day sooner, but I wasn't quite prepared yet. So I frantically ran around the house doing what I could, while barking order at poor Adam as to what he needs to do.. On top of it all, I was sick, Ben was sick.. Our house was still messy... So to bed I go at 11 or 1130. I didn't sleep that night, there was too much going on in my head, and I was hungry cuz I couldn't eat past 10.. And Ben and I were both coughing all night...

Sunday morning rolls around, we get up at 6, get the kids ready then head over to Becky and Jimmy's place.. We then head to the hospital from there and check in, did our NST and waited on the ob.. Time is passing, passing.. Passing... No OB. Apparently there was a miscommunication and unless there was another csection to be performed I would be going home and coming back the next day at my scheduled time.. They sent us home in the meantime until they decided..
So I still couldn't eat, while watching everyone eat lunch I was quite envious... As I sipped away at my water. By about 11 I was having contractions every 10 mins apart... Then down to 7 minutes between 1-2 and every 5 minutes from 2-3. I think she was trying to come one way or another lol. But my midwife thing lack of food and hydration was causing it because I went with no food for 19 hours total.... But back to the story haha. I was told to expect a call around one, but no such luck :( I called them and they still hadn't heard anything... At 220 I got a phone call saying to come in and the surgery would take place at 3.. Went in, waited, got changed, waited again, finally around 4 I went down to the OR with my midwife, got prepped and Adam was still upstairs when the surgery started. No nurses were available to bring him down, so my midwife went and got him and her key card failed to get back into the OR. But eventually someone let them in.. They started the surgery and Adam walked in.. A few minutes later our daughter was born. She had this sweet very quiet little cry. I was bawling when she was born. I said to Adam "oh my god, her cry is the absolute cutest ever, it's not even annoying!" Lol. Of all the things to say.. She was born at 4:44pm and was a spitting image of her sister...  <3 She was super alert right from the start, even as I went up post surgery. She was the most alert baby I've ever seen. It was so great to have her to chat to in the hospital because it got lonely seeing as Ben never wanted to stay longer than 20 minutes typically. I missed my kiddos so much :( She went unnamed for 3 days, but we finally decided on Brielle Scarlet for her name. She was born April 6/14 at 4:44pm.. Was 18.5 inches long and 6lbs 12oz <3 big brother and sister are very much loving their baby sister now... And now at 2 months old she's 23 inches long and 11lbs 8oz :)
And edit to add, recovering from a csection sucks big time when you're sick. Ugh!


Summers update:
She's still doing well with her hearing aid, and has had 2 different ear moulds since my last check in. She got a blue one last time, and this time was red. And always sparkly. Of course. She's starting preschool in the fall. I have her enrolled for half days on Tuesday and Thursday so she can still see her friends at playgroup on Monday and Friday :) She's made a new friend at playgroup which is great because they will likely be in the same class come sept 2015.


Bens update:
We saw the ENT specialist last week and found out that the tube in his right ear has fallen out. He said that's fine because it's been almost 9m since they were put in, but the bad news is there's fluid build up. We thing it might be caused by the cold he had at the time.. I'm hoping that's all it is. But we go back in July to be sure. Please keep Ben in your thoughts <3 other news, he's potty training. Using the potty every time while at home, the big potties while out and about have him running for the nearest rack to hide under and going pee there o.O sorry costco. Lol. We will get there one day, but I'm so proud it's finally working for him. One less kiddo to buy diapers for :P.


Updates for Adam and Me:

I am recovering well. I thought I did pretty good recovery time wise. Didn't take near as long as I thought. We did a massive grocery shop about 10 days post partum. I seem to be doing well otherwise.. I recently chopped off 11.5" of my hair to donate. eek! I kinda miss it but don't :P

Adams doing well, fully abusing the power of parental leave and growing his hair/facial hair out... Don't ask me how I feel about this one ;) I wondered why I hadn't kissed him for so long then remembered when I went to kiss him hahaha. I am hoping this summer, with him being off, can be filled with fun memories of our family together. Hopefully filled with lots of beach, splash pad and other various trip memories :D looking forward to it.

Brielles' Birth Announcement
And to update with where she is.. Shes growing so much, but such a happy little baby. We love her to pieces <3

Another one of my favourite photos of Miss Brielle. My little Koala <3