Monday, May 30, 2016

A month has passed since meeting with the anesthesiologist.. For a while, I was doing ok. Feeling better about things, genuinely feeling better about life... But something has happened lately. What that is, I don't know. But out of the blue I feel stuck again. Lack of sleep, lacking motivation to do everything, but having a packed schedule :/ It's overwhelming and exhausting. I feel a lot of pressure to keep up with my kids playdates, keeping them social with playgroups or strong start, and also, getting them out to be active for at least a little bit of the day cuz thats all I can seem to do lately.

I saw a photo on facebook that made me go "yes! exactly. This is EXACTLY how I feel!"

It's so hard to explain it.. But this sums up most of it. so if you see me at playgroup, and im sitting away from everyone, and not being as social as I usually am.. this is why. and I'm feeling it A LOT lately. To the point where I've just skipped out on playgroup as a whole because I feel like I just cant do it :/

So if I seem distant, quiet, etc. I am for a reason. I'll eventually be on my way back up. I just gotta get in my groove.