Friday, April 1, 2011

Our Story ♥

Our story began back in 2008. Adam and I had been talking online and decided to meet. I wasn't expecting anything out of it.. He was cute, but I was looking for friendship more than anything else :) After meeting him and trying to resist falling for him so soon, I couldn't help it. I loved everything about him, aside from the smoking *yuck :P* . Anyways, a few days after dating, he was sworn into the military, and a few weeks after that was sent to basic. I think that's where we grew a lot as a couple. We relied solely on 5 minute phone calls every now and then, and eventually when he got weekends, I could see him those 2 days of the week. (after about 6 or 7 weeks of no seeing him). Luckily he was on the base near me so it made picking him up convenient and actually possible, unlike some other friends I knew of who has military boyfriends.

Moving on, he graduated from basic and did his training on the same base. So was there for about a year and a half.. In June 2008, at my 20th birthday weekend in wasaga beach, Adam proposed. It took place when we were walking by the beach and the moon was out and so bright and lit the shore. It was beautiful.  After that, we wanted a fall wedding, but we were supposed to be posted in Aug 2009. So we figured it wasn't do-able and settled for a wedding in May (mothers day weekend so Adams mom could be here to celebrate it with all her kids!).

We got married May 9 2009. It rained all day, but was beautiful none the less. And we got tons of compliments on the ceremony, reception, attire, foods etc. After that, we decided to stop birth control because we wanted a family as soon as we could. Low and behold, first try, it worked. We found out we were expecting a baby girl right before we got posted.

In Oct 2009 we got our posting to BC, which we love. We drove across Canada (I was 22 wks pregnant and a hormonal mess) BUT! we made it and it was a beautiful trip!!!!

Fast forward to when we moved here.. THAT is what made us stronger as a couple, with no one else to rely on, we had to learn how to make things work. This involved more communication and obviously, more time together since I wasn't working. Our relationship is now stronger than ever!

Feb 18, 2010, our princess decided to grace us with her presence. After 12 hours of labour and 3.5 hours of pushing, she finally was vacuumed out, and was here. She was absolutely beautiful. I instantly, was in love.

Aug 2010 Adam was sent to NS for 4 months to do his course. This landed me in ON for almost 3 months, then I spent 5 weeks in NS with him at our friends place. This was hard too, but I had my family around to help and talked to Adam everyday, and was so greatful to finally see him when I did.

Fast forward again. Jan 11,2011 we find out we're expecting baby #2. We were estatic! And can't wait to meet this bundle of joy.

Summer is now almost 14 months old, and shes getting so big, and more beautiful, and so much fun, but also a handful from time to time.. But she's totally worth it. I can't imagine my life without my family. I love them to pieces !

Thanks for reading!! I will keep updates when things happen!

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