Tuesday, May 10, 2011

We're home.

Now that everything has had a chance to settle down a bit, its time for another update. We went to California for my brothers wedding. It was amazing. We all had a blast visiting a bunch of attractions, relaxing by the ocean, even playing in it! (Yes we're crazy, it was cold, but awesome). We also found out Summer is not a fan of sand. I think I will have to work with her on that. :P

While in California, we decided to have a 3d ultrasound done to determine the gender of our second bundle of joy. With my family by our side, we found out Summer was going to be a big sister to a little brother! We're so excited to welcome our son into this world. Dad is happy, but says he won't be over the moon about it until our son comes into this world (as ultrasound have and can be wrong). We ended up going shopping for him and Summer while in the States and got some wickid deals on clothing!

So, we then attended my brothers wedding in Oceanside (the picture at the top was taken from the condo). It was beautiful and amazing. I was lucky enough to be able to do the photography for their wedding :) I'm happy about that. Unfortunately, Summer didn't get to be the flower girl that they had anticipated. Once her feet hit the sand she curled up into a ball and started to cry :(

Also on our way home I got to meet my good friend Laurie, her husband Adam, and her son Aaron. Unfortunately it was only for a few hours over night.. But at least we got to meet them which was great!

And now we're home. Our house is a mess, but I'm slowly catching up on everything. Summer also popped her first molar sometime this week (I noticed last night). Which explains why shes been keeping us up at night :P And I go for my "18 week ultrasound" tomorrow.  A little late due to Easter weekend and our holidays ahah.

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