Friday, June 10, 2011

25 weeks.

So I sit here writing another update (since I haven't updated in a while). Last night it hit me.. 'I'll be 25 weeks tomorrow!' I thought to myself. Times flying! Every week passes like it's nothing. And there's a couple things coming up soon to look forward to. So that will make time fly moreso.  It seems like in no time at all, our little guy will be coming into this world and joining our little family :) While I can't wait to meet him, I kinda can. I'm so excited about having a boy and girl for children. But at the same time, I look at Summer, and how fast SHE has grown, and it makes me wonder how fast time will fly with another child in the picture. Time flies when you have children, this is no understatement. Someone should have told me to hold on tight cuz time seems to be flying at warp speed beyond my control. It seems like not that long ago I was in the hospital wondering how I would break the news to Adam that I never wanted to give birth again.. But then, after having our daughter, and seeing HOW much she changed our lives for the better, I knew the temporary pains and discomforts of pregnancy, child birth (mostly this part :P), and healing, was truely worth the lifetime of happiness we would get from having children. It's so worth it and you never really know until you have experienced it.

So, I am now 25 weeks pregnant.. Our little guy LOVES being active which is a HUGE change from Summer, she was always content just being chill with the odd kick or poke here and there. Her thing was having hiccups. Poor baby, seemed like everyday she had them :P.  Speaking of Summer, she now has 12 teeth. 4 molars, 4 out front on the top, and 4 on the bottom at the front. Poor girl seems to always be teething, but shes SUCH a trooper. And shes been walking for a couple months now, and dancing like crazy. She can say hi, bye, ouh yeah, bebe, and babble on like crazy. She will copy words and sounds..

And what else is new humm..well, my 23rd birthday is tomorrow :) Looking forward to that. Well the dinner out :P Adam works during the day so theres no day plans except to chill with Summer, so maybe we will do a fun photo shoot for Summers 16 month photos (she will be 16 months the week after my birthday) :).. Also, my brother and my sister-in-law are coming out to visit at the end of this month for a few weeks. That's pretty cool :) It should be fun!

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