Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Almost 5 months & 2 years!

Hello February! I don't seem to get on here often enough to update.. But these kiddies have my life pretty busy! I love it though.

Ben at his last check up (4 months) was 18lbs 2oz... and 26" long. Yep, big boy. But its awesome. Hes such a happy baby. Always smiling and cooing away. I love it. OH! and he had 2 teeth before he turned 4 months.. O.o

Summer will be 2 on the 18th. I sit here with a tear in my eye as I write this wondering where the heck time has gone. Seriously!! My itty bitty Summer is no longer a baby!!! an infant... Nope. a full blown Toddler. Shes talking a lot more. And learning more and more everyday. We have her saying please and thank you. AWESOME! haha. Next step... Potty Training. Now THIS is going to be fun!

I will post pictures later of her birthday :) For now, enjoy the pic I posted :P

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