Thursday, April 18, 2013

Time for a MUCH needed update.

Considering my last post was OVER a year ago, it's time for an update!!

Summer turned THREE 2 months ago.. I cannot believe she's already 3. There's so many updates I need to fill everyone in on with her.. She been paci free since 2.5 years old, and was fully potty trained about a month before her third birthday :) Shes growing so much, her speech is coming along a lot better now. She knows most of her shapes and colours, and can count to 10. For those who don't know, I noticed a couple red flags back in October with her that led me to believe she had hearing loss.. We had her tested for this, and sure enough, I was right. She was acting as if she never heard us while playing with her toys, at playgroup, she was kind of shy, wouldn't sit down for circle time (it can sometimes be noisy)... Which all got explained to me as she likely couldn't hear what I was trying to say to her due to all the background noise... She would also yell "mommy, where are you" and if I was upstairs she couldn't find me... So more tests showed her hearing loss was in the cochlea. But only in one ear thankfully. They said she might be able to go unaided, which is my hope. But it might be hard for her come school time when it comes to learning when the room might have a few noises and she might not be able to hear what teachers are saying...
She is also in speech therapy. They said she seems to have quite the vocabulary, and shes coming along better now. She used to have problems with B's. She could say Boat, but not bunny/benjamin (she would say dunny/denanin (or den for ben)). She explained that at this stage, its common to get B's & D's mixed up, which made me feel better. We've worked with her and she now can say both words just fine :) Right now, we are waiting to hear from the hospital when her MRI will take place. They're trying to figure out the cause of the hearing loss... But the optometrist say her eyes look great, so that eliminated ONE of the potential causes :) She's a perfect little girl, with the sass of a 5 year old :) lol!

Ben is now 18 months old (almost 19m). He's your typical boy.. Walking, running, spinning in circles, walking backwards, walking up and DOWN stairs (hello heart attack) and crawling anywhere that he possibly can! He loves to pick on his big sister, but in the end, they always hug it out. He loves dinosaurs, his cars, airplanes, anything boyish! He also has a mouthful of teeth since about 15 months old! Just waiting on the 2 year molars which I believe he is currently working on.. He's chewing on everything and crying :( Poor guy! He can be a pretty chilled boy most days, and he's generally smiling. But other days, hes pretty tempermental lol!!! He's generally ALWAYS on the move. (go figure :P) lol . His words are coming along. He always says thank you (which is AWESOME that he picked that  phrase up so soon!) And he loves to sing his rendition of twinkle twinkle little star to us hehe! Growing up so fast, I cannot believe it!!!

Together, they are partners in crime. Where ever one goes, the other is usually not far behind. I love how close they are <3

Stay tuned for more exciting news and updates to come!

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