Sunday, April 21, 2013

Summer had a party but these ones were the best ones cuz I could focus on her :) Before you judge us or throw a fit for Summer cutting her cake, she wanted to cut it. Adam was holding onto her hand while cutting it but let go for the split second that it took to take a photo.

Bens first birthday was spent with just a couple friends. Nothing big, it was perfect. We found out he doesn't really like cake.. just icing LOL! Which still made for cute photos. But overall, these were my favourites. The monkey cupcakes were for Summer & daddy. they very much enjoyed them lol

For Summers third birthday she invited her closest friends. All which can be seen in the middle photo. ( trust me, this is the best photo I have of the 4 of them LOL!). Anyways, it was them, plus Ben, and a bunch of adults. It was pretty fun. They played with balloons big and small, played on the ride on toys and then sat down for some cake! Obviously the party was princess theme, and Grayson came dressed up a prince <3 thanks for being a good sport bud! haha

I believe this brings my photos up to date as I promised a while back but never seemed to do :P hehe! Stay tuned for more fun photos and updates :D

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