Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wish us luck :)

So were coming up on the end of cycle 2 post miscarriage. I was hesitant as to whether we should wait or just dive back in.. Even though we settled we would be fine with diving back in. The one cycle was under our belt as per requested by our doctor. I guess I'm just fearful of it happening again. It was such a horrible pain that I hope I never have to go through ever again. So, we are currently trying for baby #3. I think if I wait out my fear, we might as well just forget the idea of a third child ever :P which I do not want. When we ride a bike and fall down, it hurts, but we keep on trying until we reach our end goal. That is how I feel about this. Hopefully we will be lucky this month.  :)

As for other family on goings... Summer is speaking a lot more :) quite the chatter box and loves her movies :)

Ben is getting his two year molars. Ugh, poor guy. He's been in so much pain recently. First his head getting cut open from falling. Then hitting it so many times after from falling. :( also, he has fluid in both ears. We are hoping its just due to teething.. Not something that will require medical attention :(

That's as up to date as I can get you for now :)

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