Friday, May 24, 2013

A visit with the doctor.

Today was my follow up appointment with my doctor to catch up on how I was, and how I was dealing with the miscarriage. I told him how I felt.. It was beyond my control.. Nothing I did could have changed the outcome, it just wasn't meant to be.. this time. He then asked if we plan to try again, or what our plans were. I told him we definitely wanted to try for another.. And we wanted to as soon as he gave the ok to do so. Adam and I discussed our options, and we both agreed we would like to try again as soon as we could. I know we will get grief from outsiders, but case in point, it's our lives, not theirs. So keep your opinions to yourself. Pain and simple. The doctor asked if I had researched the amount of time to wait.. I said yes, that I read people were told 3 months. But, varying on how and when in the pregnancy the miscarriage took place, you could try sooner. And that no research has concluded that waiting is better than not waiting. They say 3 months to allow you time to grieve, and get your cycles back in order for easier dating.

He agreed that waiting it out isn't necessarily better, and that he would recommend at least waiting one cycle, but told me as I was leaving to come back when I'm pregnant and if we need to order an early ultrasound to date the pregnancy, he would do so :P. so the only benefit to waiting, in his eyes, was easier dating, which could be solved with an ultrasound.

So that bring us up to speed with where we are. Glad I have a doctor who supports our decision :)

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