Monday, August 18, 2014

Time for a little update

This summer has been busy busy!! We had my mom and grandma out to visit in may.. Then my dad came out in June and stayed until the beginning of July... At the end of July our friends Joel and Mary stopped in for a quick visit on their road trip.. And then my brother and Steph just wrapped up their visit with us a few days ago... We are also sneaking in a few visits with my friend Jenn these past few days, and again possibly tomorrow :) it's been so amazing, so busy, but so worth it!!

So what's coming up for us now?? Well, tomorrow is bens hearing test along with Brielle's 4 month vaccines..

Ben is potty trained, yay!!

Summer starts preschool in a little over two weeks. Crazy! Our little girl is growing up. She's so excited to go. And I'm excited for this new chapter in her life. I'm sure she will do amazingly. She will be followed by a child development therapist to see which areas she needs help with (right now it's mainly expressing her feelings instead of melting down).

We are going to start clearing out stuff since housing has yet to offer us a bigger house and right now we are feeling very claustrophobic in our own house which is terrible!!! :( so we sold our bed that was in the spare room, and soon, that room will become either our room, or Brielle's room, likely Brielle's since then, there will be less to move. We wanted to make it a playroom originally, but that's just not doable. Our biggest room (which Summer and Ben share), doesn't have enough room for Brielle's crib like I hoped it would... But we will make this work, I'm excited to see the outcome.

Til next time!! (Likely sept)

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