Sunday, February 8, 2015

Big stresses regarding big changes.

Maybe I should start with a bit of catch up then post the most recent updates. This may be a long one, sorry in advance...
Summer started preschool in September and is doing great with it. She continues to undergo regular speech therapy as well. She's learning to come out of her shell more easily, but her communication is still far behind. Same with her vocabulary.
Ben.. Saw his ENT... His one tube is completely our, which we knew... it has more fluid behind the ear drum.... His right ear they took the tube out of cuz it was in the canal, and it has no fluid... so he may require another tube, but that being said, the fluid build up may be from him being sick also. he has a croup sounding cough  but doc says his is viral too... Currently registering him to take over Summers spot at her preschool..
Side note: copy and pasting this from a mommy group made me laugh because I had the sad face originally then when I pasted it put in "frown emoticon" instead of :( LOL

Brielle, she turned 10 months 2 days ago. Got her two top teeth in. Shes almost 18lbs and shes roughly 28" :) Shes trying to stand, still not crawling, but mobile via butt like Summer was ahaha. She's got a pretty nasty virus :( boo! 
I had to leave it this time to show what I meant by the above note LOL!

SSSSSSSSSSSOOO Now, take a breather, here we go

Summer starts school in September.. I've been going back and forth on what options I have for schools. I've heard the school across the street has bullies, and the teachers/faculty don't do much about it. This was my biggest fear for Summer. She is a HUGE sweetheart with a big heart and big emotions. She is easily hurt by someone saying the wrong thing, or in the wrong tone. So I was uneasy about this school...

So I looked into French Immersion... My fear there, she struggles with English, how will tacking another language that is foreign to her, make her feel? Would it overwhelm her? She's very easily aggravated when she comes home from preschool which is English, and 3 hours long.. so a whole day in a language she's unfamiliar with, I just didn't see going well.. BUT it wasn't completely off the table.

Another option - Montessori via a public school near her preschool so about a 7 minute car ride from our house. I attended the open house, looked around, and left thinking, this was for sure the school I wanted for her.. It was relaxing, lots of things to do, nice teachers, nice principal... and I've heard amazing things about this program..

So now it came time to weigh out my options...
Airport - pros: closest/walk to school, sleep in longer, less travel time, if I'm sick, I don't have to get in the car to drive, structured.
Cons: what I heard in the past, and it didn't "seem" to be the best fit for her..

Ecole Robb Road - pros: New language, possibly boost her confidence in another language, knows many friends attending there, would have another language under her belt
cons - furthest driving wise time I think/get up earlier, could be overwhelming, exhausting, and may be negative for her which I don't want, more gas

Queneesh (Montessori) - pros: Close to Bens preschool so he wouldn't be late, has a more relaxed pace, easy going, seemed like a very positive experience
cons: a little drive so if im sick, it could suck :P,  we have to get up earlier, more gas, further away should she need me for an emergency

I figured based on this stuff above, I was thinking Robb road, just to try out, and if it wasn't a good fit, to just put her into airport come grade 1... However, after speaking to her teacher, her speech pathologist and her audiologist.. All agreed NOT to do French immersion.. Not because of the language delay because that comes with time, but because she is so introverted, and shuts down easily, it will more than likely be overwhelming for her, unfortunately...

SO, then it was down to Montessori and Airport. Teacher said Montessori may not be the best option because eventually, we are getting posted, and Montessori isn't offered for free everywhere - true. Her speech therapist said its up to me, but both are good..

Right now, I'm about 90% sure she's going to airport.. I want to think it over again and see what happens, but I feel like she needs stability the most in whatever it is that we choose. So that's why I thought public school.. But I need to pick something, and be 100% sold and happy with my decision. Its so tough. The toughest decision I have had to make yet.. I have a few days left to decide. EEK!!!

Also, they are looking into a test to be done on her. Its called ABR. and its to look at whether the nerves are functioning or not. She passed this as a newborn but they are wondering if now, one of the nerves are not working. It would explain why she can make, but won't continue to use the sounds in every day living.. We will see what happens from here on and I will post when we know :D

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